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The Benefits of Letting a Shop From Penrose Wharf

Penrose Wharf offers an array of rental options, so your business has choices when it comes to finding an ideal shop to let. Whether your company is downsizing or upsizing, expanding or just starting out, our complex provides shop premises to suit any endeavours. Our premises have been built to accommodate businesses of all sizes and come with helpful advantages like a prime location and free 30-minute sheltered parking. The search for the perfect shop to let can be exhausting, but Penrose Wharf guarantees a smooth transition from start to finish.

An Ideal Location

Penrose Wharf is located in the heart of Cork City, which makes it easily accessible to customers. The complex benefits from a busy road frontage, with up to 40,000 passers-by each day. There is parking within the premises and plenty of other parking options in nearby. Whether walking or driving, customers can count on convenience and will enjoy our dedicated, covered parking area with the first half hour offered free of charge.

Our city centre address means that stores within Penrose Wharf profit from a steady stream of traffic. Just five minutes from Patrick’s Street and two minutes from the bus station, a multitude of pubs and cafes, shops and other key attractions are all within close radius. Our proximity to other businesses makes us a great destination for any shopping trip – casual lunch-time perusing included.

A Customised Shop Within a Diverse Complex

The staff at Penrose Wharf understand how important it is for your business to find the right property. We make it our job to help you optimise your space. We have our own in-house team of specialists ready to create your ideal layout and equip your space, and we often work with fastest turnaround times.
One of the things that makes our complex unique is the fact that you can relocate within our walls with minimal effort. Penrose Wharf can evolve with your business, and is there to provide a seamless transition should you need to upsize or downsize, or just desire a change—no change of address necessary.
Already a hub for retail outlets, Penrose Wharf houses a diverse range of shops ranging from well-known brands such as Mahers Sports to small businesses such as FD Foto-Finish and (Name of Polish market- I could not find it online). Close by are notable shopping landmarks including RightPrice tiles and Union Chandlery, which has been providing supplies to boat enthusiasts and the marine industry for over 30 years.

Professional Service

The professionalism of Penrose Wharf is apparent from the moment you walk in the door. A clean and well-managed reception area and recently-renovated surroundings. We offer all those residing within our complex efficient service and a staff to cater to whatever queries they have or issues that may arise. FD Foto Finish, who have been leasing from Penrose Wharf for almost seven years, remark: “We have always found the service at Penrose Wharf to be professional and efficient. The staff are courteous and friendly, and are always available to deal with any problem or request.

If you’re searching for exceptional value, a prime location, and the finest in service, call Penrose Wharf to learn more about what we offer. Whatever your Businesses’ size, whatever your venture, and whatever your plans for the future, Penrose Wharf will provide quality accommodation at a reasonable price.

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